Monday, June 15, 2009

My Walk in the CLOUDS

While driving to work today, my eyes were drawn to a spectacular view of cloud formations over a stop light. They were moving majestically, it seemed almost magical. And after that brief spellbinding moment, the annoying horn of the car behind me shook me from my trance-like state and shifted my attention to the green light. 

And it suddenly hit me. The clouds weren't the only ones moving to create that captivating scene. The ground underneath me was, too. The earth spins. The world revolves. Life takes its course.

I was suffering from a post-holiday syndrome. My mind and perhaps my spirit was still wandering on that magical island we all know as Bali.

Another Bali sunset at Ganesa Beach, June 7, 2009.

Ready to hit the waves!

I knew it was going to be "a bitch getting back to work mode", as my fellow teacher would put it after five beautiful days of self-indulgence. But I was totally grateful to snap out of it and get off the magic carpet ride just in time.

My case does seem trivial compared to some people who find themselves stuck for more pressing reasons. The loss of a loved one. Shattered careers. Failed relationships. Passed up opportunities. Scarring childhood experiences. The list can go on...

We can choose to stay and marvel at the clouds or linger in those cold, dark corridors. But even the most mundane of gestures, like the blowing of a horn can bring us back to rest of the world.

Hope lifts us high!