Sunday, November 30, 2008

I’ve been Blugged (bitten by the blog bug)

Bear with the cheesy title. I couldn’t help myself. It happens to the best of us, especially if you find yourself falling deep in blog. Bog! (Ewwww! I can hear my inner self scream with this...)

Seriousness, my twelve-year professional career plainly consists of stints in the fields of banking, sales (Pharmaceuticals) and currently, teaching. A boss once told me that your third job would be “it”, meaning the one that’s meant for you. But I’m not entirely convinced with that. I’ve always known that there’s an artist lurking inside of me, particularly inclined to writing and painting. I guess I just wasn’t lucky enough to have landed a job nor found the right avenues to express these passions.

I have no idea how blogs came about, but I first encountered the word from a friend when I was still based in Cebu. He shared with me a predicament he had with his ex who constantly ranted about him in his blog.  “A what?” I innocently asked him. After displaying a mortified look of disbelief, he gave me a brief explanation and summed it up as someone’s online diary. That was 5 years ago. Look what they’ve become now.

As blogs gained momentum, friendster added blogs to one of its features. Of course, I saw this as a chance to start my own. The only blogs I read then were the ones from my friend’s list. And then news from the wires reached me about the infamous Gucci gang and the blogger who exposed their exploits. I must admit, I spent hours devouring the blog. Every juicy detail after another, it was a tabloid fanatic’s fantasy come true. After consuming all that I could take, I moved on to other blogs. And I was just awed by the immense raw talent I came across with.  To think that a lot of these bloggers aren’t even professional writers nor have any journalistic/literary background is simply mind-blogging (typo intended, couldn't resist). 

Blogging really opened up a whole new venue for these closeted(?) writers (yours truly included) who, I assume, weren’t given the right breaks. Gone are the days when we have to scour the shelves and racks for upcoming writers. Now, we just click on the cursor and we’re transported to another person’s world, get glimpses of his life, read his stories and thoughts. The possibilities are endless and the parameters limitless. And because of this, blogs has evolved into a powerful and rather lucrative medium.

Whether you are the reader or the blogger, blogs definitely provide you a great source of entertainment, inspiration, stimulation, expression or whatever purpose they present you. 

Here are some of the blogs that really stood out for me, check them out:

1.) Misterhubs  

If you’re in dire need of a good laugh, this is the spot.

2.) Bryanboy 

Because his blog is considered a phenomenon and it put the Philippines on the blog map.

3.) The Red Horse Gallops  

For the impeccable writing and the stand-out (and oftentimes impish) humor.

4.) Mandaya Moore

Reading her stories prods you to consider trading in your cosmopolitan life for the warm comforts of the “bukid” and live happily ever after. And her punch lines are sure-fire winners.

5.) Chuvaness

For the chuva chu chu in you and the (secret) love of the branded finer things in life.

6.) The Chronicles of E

Gripping stories and masterful story-telling make a powerful blog. Take a “trip” to this young man’s eventful life.

7.) Dance or drop dead

For the killer blog title and delicious in-your-face writing. Find fcuk season in the archive and dance or drop dead laughing.

I once dedicated an entire post expressing my complete disgust over a blogger who copy pasted cheesier-than-hallmark-cards quotes aimed at inspiring her readers. I realize now, that you are your blog and your blog is you, to a certain degree. The blogosphere is free and as a blogger, you’re free to do whatever, write whatever you want in your blog. If you don’t like what you read, scram! Move on to the next blog. Or, you can do what I did, bitch-blog about it.